The production of high quality agricultural products is essential for the development and prosperity of our country. And the agricultural products of Crete, with their unmatched quality, their unique nutrients and the international reputation they enjoy in the international markets, can lead the effort to establish the Greek agricultural products among the top – if not the top – in Europe.

In order for this to happen, however, the role of agricultural cooperatives is crucial. It is self-evident to everyone that there is no better specialist of the product and its particularities than its own producer. In this context, the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania, as a Cooperative resting on solid foundations, has come to put the constant quest for quality and proper standardization and promotion of agricultural products at the core of modern agricultural production. Our continued pursuit is to utilize the vast practical knowledge of people working every day in their land to cultivate the most nutritious products of mother Earth.

“It is self-evident to everyone that there is no better specialist of the product and its particularities than its own producer.”


It was more than 85 years ago, in 1930, that the Agricultural Cooperative of Kolymvari was established for the most effective standardization and trading of the olive oil of Kolymvari. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (UAC) of Kolymvari was merged in 2003 with: UAC Chania, UAC Maleme, UAC Kastelli under the name UAC KYDONIAS – KISSAMOU, and in 2014, under the recent law on Cooperatives, the successor organization emerged under the name Agricultural Cooperative of Chania.

Proud of our history, we look forward to our future with optimism, because, as our ancient ancestors quite rightly said, “ouden kakon amiges kalou” (nothing bad is without something good). And with that we mean that the recent major economic crisis, which has so deeply affected our country, has thankfully, even with a delay of many years, showed clearly to everyone in Greece that a country without a strong agricultural production is basically a poor country, as it cannot properly feed its people. Despite all the difficulties we have faced, and still face, as people and as producers, we are well aware from our long history that the respect for nature and the right methods of cultivation create a superior agricultural product that has, over time, brought, and will continue to bring, wealth and prosperity, both at a local and at a national level. And each time we plant a small seed in the ground, or we help with the proper care a small tree produce the best fruit it can, we know we are taking a step in the right direction.

“Proud of our history, we look forward to our future with optimism”


With a storage capacity of 7,100 tons of olive oil in stainless steel tanks and a packaging capability of 30 tons of olive oil per day, our facilities in Kolymvari are among the best in Greece. Putting into practice the highest standards and using the most modern mechanical equipment, in these facilities we produce our famous Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an acidity of only 0 – 0.8.

The constant upgrading of our mechanical equipment ensures the reduction in human intervention with a corresponding increase in product safety levels, as well as the ability to gather electronic data for the standardization and the storage of the processed product. This ensures maximum traceability of the olive oil produced, which is key to its best possible quality control. A characteristic fact is that very recently, in 2016, we have begun the systematic modernization with new machinery of both the olive oil mill unit and the olive oil standardization unit, through the “OOO” (Olive Oil Organizations) program.

The quality control of our olive oil follows the highest international standards and is one of the secrets of its wonderful flavor. This control is exemplary implemented by our chemical laboratory, which is one of the best in Greece.