Although Crete, and especially the region of Chania, is famous for its olive oil, Cretan oranges are another well-known product of the Cretan land with exceptional nutritional qualities. The special microclimate in the area of Chania, as well as the abundant water available from the Cretan White Mountains, contribute to the growth of juicy oranges, filled with Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Over time, the first oranges are produced in cultivations close to the sea, due to the combination of the appropriate atmospheric humidity and the sandy soil with high relative temperatures. These oranges are truly unique in terms of both flavor and appearance, and are the most exquisite of Crete. In fact, these oranges are among the most delicious in the world.

Later, the oranges in the hilly areas of the hinterland are produced. The combination of these two cultivation locations, makes the area of Chania perhaps the only region in the world that produces Navel oranges from November until the end of May.

“In fact, these oranges are among the most delicious in the world.”


The Citrus and Avocado Producers Association of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania is responsible for the production of the exceptional oranges of the cooperative. Utilizing its state-of-the-art packaging facilities, and using the safest and most rigorous selection and standardization procedures, the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania produces the famous oranges of the “Maleme” brand, which are well-known in the Greek and the European markets.

The experienced scientific and technical staff of the cooperative closely monitors and advises the orange producers, and controls the entire production chain of the end product, from its primary production, harvesting and selection, up to its standardization and packaging, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000 – 2005.

The cooperative also implements organic farming methods for the production of organic oranges, while also participating in programs for the biological control of the diseases and insect enemies of oranges.

The orange packaging facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania in Maleme have the capacity to package 120 tons of oranges in an 8-hour period, and feature storage areas of about 3 acres and freeze chambers of 2,500 m², in a total covered area of about 7 acres.

“… the interactive training of producers in new cultivation and harvesting techniques, ensures the harmonious transition of production from its traditional form to the modern era”