“Cochlioi mpoumpouristoi” (Snails in the pan)


  • 1/2 kilo large snails
  • 1 glass olive oil
  • salt, pepper, vinegar, rosemary


We put the snails in a basin with water and leave them in until their heads come out (this takes about 30 to 40 minutes), and at the end we separate the ones that have stuck to each other. Then we put water to a pot up to the waist, and heat it. Once the water starts boiling, we pour the snails inside and let them boil for ten minutes. After that, we throw away the water and clean the snails thoroughly. We throw away all the snails who have not stuck their heads out, wash them very well with cold water, and boil them again for another 30 minutes, dropping a little salt and vinegar inside, after the water starts to boil.


We strain and salt the snails. We put the olive oil in a frying pan to warm, and pour the snails in with their nozzle facing down for 2-3 minutes. We put some salt, pepper, rosemary and vinegar (their proportions vary depending on how “spicy” we want to make our dish) and let them cook for a while on a mild fire, stirring them occasionally, and we are ready! The snails are served in a deep platter.